St. Luke’s Hospital is a privat medical facility, which has offered medical services since 2000 and since 2011  has been located in brand new, modern building. We offer to our patients the highest standards of services.

St. Luke’s Hospital conducts both scientific and medical activities. High- qualified staff and availability of innovative and modern diagnostic and medical devices provide the best standards of service. As the union, located in St. Luke’s Hospital, we have access to MR scaner 3.0 T, X-Ray and ultarsound.

The hospital specializes mainly in orthopaedic treatment, in particular artroscopic procedures of shoulder, knee joint, ankle joint and hip joint.  a w szczególności w artroskopowych operacjach barku, stawu kolanowego, stopy oraz biodra. Anually,  about 17.000 orthopaedic patients hospitalize at St. Luke’s Hospital.

The second specialization is ENT. 9 000 patients is treated every year by our doctors.

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