The hospital actively participates in the life of the local community

One of the priorities of St. Luke’s Hospital is a wide-ranging pro-health education.

Thanks to the constant cooperation with the GOPR, organization of conferences aimed for the local community as well as the presence at many sports events in Podbeskidzie, we can actively pursue our mission of promoting an active lifestyle.

„I miss mountains and I need more of them…”

Continuous cooperation with the GOPR will result in the development of a training program for rescuers, which aims to reduce the trauma and reduce the risks during rescue operations on the ski slopes.

Doctors of St. Luke’s Hospital and GOPR rescuers will also conduct research to find out the causes and mechanisms of injury in modern skiing and amateur snowboarding, whose specificity changes in recent years with the changes in technical equipment and driving style. Our cooperation with GOPR Beskidzka Group began in 2005. We have conducted research on changing the nature of ski injuries in the last five years on the Beskids slopes.

Thanks to the signing of a cooperation agreement with GOPR, our scientific and didactic activities will be able to reach rescue groups throughout the country. The GOPR Board of Directors has chosen our center to treat the injuries of our rescuers, which we are very proud of.

„With talent you can win matches, but it’s intelligence and team play that makes the championship winning.”” M. Jordan

St. Luke’s Hospital deals with the treatment of a wide spectrum of sports injuries. We cooperate with volleyball, football and basketball clubs from Podbeskidzie.

„ A runner is not the one who runs fast. It’s the one who does not stop fighting.” Marc Buhl

St. Luke’s Hospital participates in many cross-country events and actively promotes running in all forms: short- and long-distance, individual, group, amateur and professional.

„The greatest wealth is doing what you love”

For many, skiing is a passion, something more than just a sport. Team of St. Luke’s Hospital is also an avid skiers and snowboarders who are eager to share their knowledge of how to properly and safely practice winter sports, avoiding injuries.

„Life is like riding a bike. You need to move forward to keep your balance”. A. Einstein

Cycling is a very popular sport discipline. It gives you a lot of fun, satisfaction with the results, helping you navigate the vast terrain. St. Luke’s hospital also cheer on cyclists and give you many tips on how to ride technically and safely.

Movement equals health… come back to movement !”

Movement equals health… come back to movement !” is the motto of the St. Luke’s Hospital, which encourages the practice of one favorite or different sports. The hospital organizes a number of social activities aimed at mobilizing and inspiring the young and older people to start their adventure with physical activity, which, in addition to joy and satisfaction, contributes primarily to health.