RPO WSL 2014-2020

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EU project RPO WSL 2014-2020

St. Luke’s Hospital realizes the project „Implementation of innovative method of implantation of biological transplantation using dry arthroscopy” as part of the Regional Operational Program of the Silesian Voivodship for the years 2014-2020.

The project refers to the implementation of an innovative surgical technique of treatment of knee  joint in the reconstruction of chondral lesions by implanting the bioimplant at the site of the lesion. As part of the project, the operating room will be equipped with the necessary medical equipment to perform reconstructive procedures of damaged articular cartilage by dry arthroscopy. The part of the procedure will be the use of tools developed by the hospital’s physicians, designed to reconstruct the damaged cartilage. Thanks to this method, we will be able to heal damaged cartilage and improve knee joint function together with elimination of pain. The result of new treatments will be the restoration of full knee efficiency. The effects of the project will include:

  • Implementation of innovative treatment technique of chondral lesions developed by doctors from St. Luke’s Hospital;
  • Improving EHS during the surgery;
  • Using of information and communication technology solutions;
  • Increasing competitiveness.


Total value of the project: 2 200 487,00 PLN

Dofinansowanie ze środków Funduszy Europejskich: 917 100,00 PLN